Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making glue from milk

Running out of glue? You can make it yourself. Ha Ha but I have tried it, is quite time consuming even though it looks easy. So is better to go and buy one. But one thing I need to comment about this glue is that you see it like normal flour with water. But its strength is amazing once you stick it and it dries. I tried to stick metal, glass, wood and all of them stick well. I even tried to pull them apart with strength. But maybe glass and metal have smooth surface so I am able to separate them. However the wood is stick so tightly that I cannot pull the 2 wooden block apart.

So just want to share this receipe, when you REALLY free then you can make the glue yourself. Do not worry about ants or what even though milk powder is used, it is because I think the acid and base have made it so unpleasant that it will not attract ants.

This is how I do it -
1) Dissolve 10g of milk powder in 50ml of warm water

2) Add vinegar or 1M HCl dropwise until the milk separates into curds (white solid) and whey (yellowish liquid)

3) Use a cheese cloth to add as a sieve to separate the curds from the whey.

4) Wash the cheese cloth with the curds inside to remove the acid.

5) These curds is also known as casein and it is then dried on filter paper (as shown).

6) Place the dried casein in a beaker and add 20% sodium hydroxide dropwise and stirred to make it into a homogeneous paste.

7) Finally add 1.5g of calcium hydroxide powder and stirred until a thick creamy liquid is form and this will be the glue.

I tried to leave it for a few days in a covered container and it does not dried up even it is dried just add a drop of water and stir the glue can be used again. Another good thing is that it do not have any glue smell so it is quite safe.

So hope you like my receipe if you are currently unsatisfied with your glue. Try to make one yourself.

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